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About Activ Web Design QLD

Activ Web Design Qld offer everyday websites for everyday people.

We want to ensure, everyone and anyone who requires a website can have one the easiest and most cost effective way possible. The internet is a way of life for many people these days, however there is still a high proportion of us that find it all very confusing! Activ Web Design QLD has taken away all that confusion, if you require a website we can deliver you one, by keeping it simple. We will do this by:

  • Building you a website for one fee. If you require a standard website it is $799 and if you require a online shop it is $1499

Need a website?

Activ Web Design

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Who we are

Activ Web Design has now expanded to Australia

The internet and world of websites is a very confusing place

  • Many people are overwhelmed when it comes to the internet and websites. Even though they are aware they need to be online, they are not sure how to achieve this.
  • The language of the internet and websites can be very complicated. You only have to look at other web design companies out there to see what we mean, local people might not know what – domain name, e-commerce, search engine optimization and meta tags, mean, therefore how can they then be expected to gain an online presence?

Activ Web Design QLD have identified that the way to ensure local people gain an online presence, whether they operate a business, sports team or community group, is by keeping everything straight forward, and as easy to understand as possible. Contact us now and become 'Activ' online today.

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 Activ Qld has now introduced our new printing options:-

Business Cards, Calendars, Stationery, Postcards and Bookmarks.